Private Tuition / Tuition in Schools / Composition Workshops / CPD for Teachers

Private Tuition

Penrith-based private composition or vocal tuition. Together we set goals and work towards these in a friendly environment. I aim for lessons to be challenging but enjoyable. Lessons for both composition and singing use classical technique as a basis but can be adapted according to your interest.

photo by Richie Johnston

composition lessons 

I strongly believe that creating music can happen at any age. I've watched six-year-olds throw themselves into creating a piece of music, refusing any help, and ultimately coming out with the most adventurous music I've ever heard! On the other side of things, adults with no previous experience have, with only a little guidance, embraced contemporary composition practices and gone on to keep composing at home.

As well as being for young people and adults who compose as a hobby, composition lessons are also particularly useful for GCSE & A Level students, focussing on how to start a piece, developing and keeping ideas interesting, instrumentation, and what to do when stuck!

singing lessons

Singing regularly is a form of expression, allowing emotions to be released in a productive way and is incredibly enjoyable. Lessons provide a good way of increasing confidence and expressing yourself. Singing combines the art forms of literature, drama and music and can be learned at any age, whether young or not so young.

CPD for Teachers

Aimed to support music teachers of GCSE & A Level students, a one-off workshop or short course would explore composing for oneself in order to experience the process, as well as ideas for how to encourage students to attain the best results possible.

Composition Workshops

One-off workshops or a short course that helps participants to compose in a supportive, peer-led environment. Sessions focus on the process rather than the result, which relieves pressure and encourages creativity. Suitable for all ages, either for fun, education or professional development.

Tuition in Schools

Group or individual tuition in schools for pupils, either timetabled lessons or as extra-curricular activity. These are especially useful for students working towards goals such as music exams, GCSEs or A Levels, as well as for fun. Previous and current schools include:

The Lakes School, Windermere (Composition)

Trinity School, Carlisle (Composition)

 Ullswater Community College, Penrith (Singing)

North Lakes Primary School, Penrith (Singing, songwriting, beginner violin, guitar & piano)

Stainton Primary School, Penrith (Singing, beginner guitar & piano)